Why Do Men Cheat

Any woman who suspects that your man is cheating is probably more true than false. Knowing only increases your desire to catch him in the act.  However, there will be many questions that flow through your mind.  In this article, you may be able to answer those questions, at least the most common questions  being asked by women today “why did he cheat?”

To understand why men cheat on the wives or their girlfriends, can be a challenging question to answer. Why? As many women will ask themselves but truly men cheat for a variety of reasons.  For example, they might cheat on you for a reason while another man will cheat for another.

Even if this undoubtedly challenging question is impossible to answer and understand the true reason men cheat.  Some common reasons below may apply to your situation.


Many men will take the dark road and decide to cheat while for their women to breakup with them because they are too cowardly to do the work themselves.  These men typically don’t care if they get caught and will continually cheat until they do.  Unfortunately, these men do not consider the consequences of these actions because they are no longer in a care state for either the relationship or their partner.
Less Than Desirable Sex Lives Unfulfilled intimate desires are one of the most common reasons men cheat. Unfortunately, the thought of sexual desires passes through their minds many times a day.  Although they may still love their girlfriends or wives, they still have a major sexual desire that they are not fulfilling and hence will seek it elsewhere. However, in healthy relationship this typically will not happen, so it’s worth asking oneself.  Are we both continually contributing to this relationship and ensuing intimacy is a component?


Every man will go through a mid-life crisis or a period of their lives when he is unhappy with his self-appearance or status in life.  These will contribute to his self-confidence and push him to try something new and unfamiliar.  It is these times, when a man is presented with an opportunity to have an affair. He will take it and seize the opportunity. 


Some men just enjoy having multiple partners and not committing to just one.  It keeps things fresh and always new for them.  It also unburdens them for having other commitment and responsibilities in life like, kids and living to the rules of their wife.


Some men just love the sight and touch of women.  Given any opportunity they will take it to satisfy their sexual desire.  There will always be these types of men who do not care of the feelings or women they hurt.

As mentioned above, these are merely just a few common examples of why men cheat. With that being said, it is essential to not forget that males are not alone in who cheat. Some women are found to do just the same just to seek revenge.

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