Top 5 Holiday Destinations For Women

Normally held back because lots of responsibilities, women often find very little time to travel and enjoy their holidays with their partners and family. However, below are the best holiday destinations that are perfect for women travelers, either single or with partners. The destinations are rated based on their safety as well as the factors that attract women most such as shopping, dining, spas, and relaxation, among other factors.

1. Amsterdam in Netherlands

Amsterdam is a place where women, pedestrians, and cyclists are respected, so the chances of harassment are very slim. The city streets are normally clean and women can feel a great sense of security and comfort. Amsterdam is also known for high-end fashion and boutiques, so it’s the best place to go for a shopping holiday. The restaurants and hotels provide all kinds of cuisines and services to help make your trip comfy. Also, Amsterdam’s Red-Light District might be somewhat seedy, but walking during the day and stopping at a local pub at night is one wonderful adventure for women.

2. Paris in France

Paris, the City of Love, has constantly been among the topmost holiday destination choices for the women. This cosmopolitan city is a perfect place for women since the French usually have a high regard for the female species. So, ladies should be ready to get swept off their feet with the remarkable sweet talks from the Parisian men. Paris also boasts of outstanding ambiance, delicious French cuisine, outstanding attractions, and amazing history and culture. Women can walk alone in the city streets for several hours without feeling awkward or endangered in any way. Furthermore, the world’s fashion mecca provides numerous opportunities for women to treat themselves to a shopping spree.

3. Bali in Indonesia

Bali is perhaps the epitome of all things women love. This beautiful island provides the female travelers with a numerous affordable spas, delicious dining, lavish shopping, and superb sunset cocktails. It also provides the female travelers with a wonderful opportunity to bask under the sun due to its enjoyable tropical weather, warm sandy beaches, and clear ocean waters. Women will also love to explore the unique Balinese Hindu culture. Bali locals are generally friendly, so women can walk around the island at any time of the day or night without having to worry about their safety.

4. Rio de Janeiro in Brazil

Women will enjoy the wonderful party experience that’s thrown by Brazilians, particularly during the Carnival. The city turns into a lively and flamboyant street party, where women can delight in showing off some talents and wonderful dance moves. This wonderful city is home to the world’s most beautiful beaches that attract millions of travelers all year round. Rio is a place of great physical beauty and fascinating culture of friendly people. It’s also one of the best holiday destinations for men, so it’s the best place for the single ladies to find wonderful counterparts.

5. Canada

Canada is known to be one of the happiest countries for women. The country also has very low crime rates. Even though Canada doesn’t have the most exotic destinations, sharing the culture with the US due to its close proximity, makes it a very comfortable and safe holiday destination for women. The best destinations in Canada include Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver, because they’re filled with very warm and friendly people. These cities also provide very beautiful views and a varied mix of culture. In most cases, you can go to Canada and leave as you please, because this country is generally women-friendly.

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