Natural Ways to Moisturize Your Skin

Often you may find that face lotions and other commercial products are not doing good in giving your skin the moisture it needs. A woman has so many beauty needs that could make her have trouble prioritizing. Bad prioritizing could also make you not have enough money to cater for expensive moisturizers. What do you do next? Look around your kitchen or supermarket and you will see natural ways to acquire moisture all around you. The following are some of the best picks.

Shea butter

Shea butter comes from a tree that is found only in Africa. These trees can take up to 30 years to produce quality Shea nuts that give us all the good stuff. You, on the other hand, simply need to rub some on your face and see the results in 1 or 2 days. This little baby is packed with vitamin A that is all about giving you moisture. If that doesn’t sound like heaven already you can use it on your eczema or sunburns. It can cure your skin problems and restore it to the smooth and shiny texture it once had. Shea butter also contains vitamin F which is rich in fatty acids. This vitamin helps in facilitating normal cell growth.

Olive oil

In addition to reducing cholesterol, lowering blood pressure, lessening the risk of heart attack and fighting cancer, olive oil is a great source of moisture. Massage some onto your face to improve circulation. Olive oil contains linoleic acid which is responsible for creating a water barrier. This barrier prevents your face from feeling dry. Only olive oil labeled ‘extra virgin oil’ is pressed and processed with the good stuff kept intact. Read the bottle clearly the next time you are making this worthy purchase.


Turns out that you can eat your avocado as well as smear it on your face too! Avocados are packed with oils that help lubricate your skin’s outer layers. These are the layers that are constantly exposed to the sun and wind. Avocados are full of vitamin E which is well known for retaining moisture in your skin. Smash some and create a face mask every week to moisturize your face naturally.


Splash on some honey the next time you feel dryness start to creep in. Honey has a high moisture content because it is a humectant. As a humectant, it is able to trap water molecules from the air and utilize them on your face. Mix 2 drops of honey with some water and massage the mixture gently on your face.


They were not kidding when they said we needed to drink up to 8 glasses of water every single day. These glasses are responsible for glowing skin. Water is your surest and quickest way to moisturize naturally. Always have a bottle of water handy to curb thirst and to give your face the moisture it desperately needs.

All of these natural ways to add moisture have had wonderful results on other women. Never stop caring for your face since this is literally the cradle of all your beauty. Try and incorporate all of these free gifts from Mother Nature to transform your complexion completely.

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