Natively constructed BLUE Air pocket GUM Frozen yogurt

This hand-crafted bubble gum frozen yogurt formula is a return to each child’s blue frozen yogurt – brimming with bubble gum flavor and vivid bubblegum balls! This is a customary frozen yogurt formula with eggs, milk, weighty cream, sugar, and bubblegum add-ins!

This work of art, yet the simple formula is brilliant and fun with a liberal measure of bubblegum balls (affil) threw in with the general mish-mash for added special visualization, offering one more layer of bubblegum flavor and surface to your scoop of frozen yogurt!

We utilize our number one frozen yogurt producer (affil)- it is speedy and minimized. You basically hold up the tub for 24 hours ahead of time and afterward, the frozen yogurt producer accomplishes practically everything and you can have frozen yogurt prepared to eat shortly!

I believe protected to say you’ll never turn out badly serving frozen yogurt as a flavorful summer treat or pastry. All things considered, frozen yogurt is essentially adored by everybody!

Serve your blue air pocket gum frozen yogurt in sugar cones or waffle bowls to diminish cleanup or just serve in a typical sweet bowl.

While this Bubblegum Frozen yogurt is consistently a hit at kids’ parties, I know many grown-ups (counting myself!) who might be similarly amped up for this being served at the following terrace bar-b-que this mid-year! It is so acceptable and nostalgic!

Chapter by chapter guide

  • Elements for this Frozen yogurt
  • The most effective method to Make this Ideal Treat for Summer!
  • More Treats for Frozen yogurt Darlings
  • The Distinction Among Bubblegum And Biting Gum
  • Is It Protected To Eat The Bubblegum Balls In The Frozen yogurt?
  • Imagine a scenario where I Don’t Have A Frozen yogurt Producer.

Would I be able to Utilize Real Bubblegum Rather than Bubblegum Concentrate?

Tips For Making Bubblegum Frozen yogurt

Okay, how about we get to it! Utilize the list of chapters above to explore the various areas in this post to respond to the entirety of your inquiries concerning this flavorful bubblegum treat! Or then again avoid on down to the formula and get blending!

Elements FOR THIS Frozen yogurt

This formula utilizes new, genuine fixings – milk, eggs, cream, and sugar – with the absolutely important and totally fake character and bubblegum balls tossed in! haha! We discovered air pocket gum separate and the air pocket gum pieces directly on Amazon (offshoot joins included here) and added some blue food shading in! The outcome was outright flawlessness – actually like the bubblegum frozen yogurt from my #1 youth frozen yogurt parlor!

elements for frozen yogurt – eggs, milk, cream, sugar, food shading, seasoning, bubblegum balls

Instructions to MAKE THIS Ideal TREAT FOR SUMMER!

I realize that a no-beat frozen yogurt formula may be extremely popular at this moment, yet I truly love the character and surface from making frozen yogurt in a frozen yogurt producer that stirs the fluid fixings while freezing them into rich frozen yogurt flawlessness. The interaction is straightforward – we simply whisk together the entirety of the fixings and afterward empty them into the pre-chilled carafe of the churner. Assuming you need a very fun summer action with the children, use rock salt and ice and layer it up around an antiquated frozen yogurt creator – I have such great recollections making custom-made frozen yogurt with my folks as a child!

I likewise have a few hints for making frozen yogurt without a frozen yogurt producer by any means, so look at those underneath on the off chance that you like.

Regardless of how you make the frozen yogurt base, I would suggest holding off totally on adding the real gumballs until the frozen yogurt is set and frozen. The counterfeit tone on the gumball covering will seep into the frozen yogurt. To keep away from this, I froze my base in the frozen yogurt creator and afterward scooped it into a portion container and sprinkled heaps of gumballs between the entirety of the scoops. Then, at that point, I put away the entire thing in the cooler to solidify one final time. This functioned admirably.

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THE Contrast Among BUBBLEGUM AND Biting GUM

Air pocket gum was created around 1928 as a less tacky and chewy gum formula. It very well may be utilized to blow bubbles, subsequently the name “bubble gum”, while biting gum contains a lower gum base and is in this way just for biting purposes.


Notwithstanding what large numbers of us were told growing up, there isn’t any damage in ingesting bit gum. You can along these lines select to burn through the gum with the frozen yogurt, eliminate them or bite the gum and afterward dispose of it in the middle of significant pieces of your frozen yogurt.

In case you are serving this to little youngsters who might stifle on little food things, then, at that point, it’s certainly prescribed to exclude the bubblegum balls altogether from this formula.

Imagine a scenario in which I do DON’T HAVE A Frozen yogurt Producer.

Try not to have a frozen yogurt creator? Don’t sweat it! Here are the two best elective strategies that you can utilize contingent upon your cooler space and the kitchen apparatuses accessible to you.

The best elective strategy for making any frozen yogurt without a frozen yogurt producer is to do as such utilizing a food processor. This is what you need to do:

Make up your bubblegum frozen yogurt base and afterward freeze it level in a Ziploc sack for around 2 hours.

Once frozen, separate your frozen yogurt base into pieces and give it a decent heartbeat utilizing your food processor.

Spot your prepared frozen yogurt into a cooler-safe holder and pass it on to freeze for the time being. This strategy gives you as close an outcome as you’ll get to a frozen yogurt creator.

Obviously, the primary strategy relies upon you having a food processor. Assuming you don’t, the following best technique includes an ice shower and hand blender. This is what you need to do:

You’ll have to imitate a frozen yogurt producer by utilizing an enormous bowl loaded up with ice a lot of cream salt and afterward a more modest bowl set inside the bigger bowl where you’ll collect your frozen yogurt base.

Set the frozen yogurt bowl into the ice bowl and blend in with a hand blender until the frozen yogurt base freezes.

Then, at that point, place the two dishes as-is into the cooler for 45 minutes which will give you some delectable frozen yogurt!

The disadvantage to utilizing this bowl-in-bowl technique is the way that it takes up a serious considerable measure of cooler space and you should put forth more attempt in making your frozen yogurt this way as you’ll basically be building your own frozen yogurt creator!

Would i be able to Utilize Genuine BUBBLEGUM Rather than BUBBLEGUM Concentrate?

Totally! Supplant bubblegum remove with genuine bubblegum in the event that you wouldn’t fret the extra advance included.

Essentially consolidate bubblegum pieces with warm milk in a medium pan, ideally a hardened steel pot (to assist with decreasing the cleanup needed from bubblegum buildup adhering to your cookware). Stew over the burner while whisking.

The bubblegum will break up after around 15-20 minutes of cooking, leaving you with genuine bubblegum enhanced milk that you would then be able to join with different fixings (once chilled off) to continue with stage 5 of my formula headings.

While the greater part of the bubblegum will break up, eliminate any excess pieces by pouring the milk through a fine cross-section sifter prior to adding to different fixings.


Little food things, for example, the bubblegum balls can be a gagging danger for small kids. You can without much of a stretch overlook these balls from the formula in case you are worried about the danger.

While I love adding the blue food shading for this bubblegum frozen yogurt, you can select to overlook it. Truth be told, assuming you need to make a vanilla frozen yogurt, all things considered, then, at that point ditch, the food shading and bubblegum extricate and rather include vanilla concentrate. You could even make pink air pocket gum frozen yogurt!

Frozen yogurt creators contrast as far as beat times and the timeframe needed to freeze your frozen yogurt bowl so ensure that you follow the bearings of your particular frozen yogurt producer. All things considered, you should prepare fairly when making this bubblegum frozen yogurt since it can require as long as 15 hours to freeze your frozen yogurt producer bowl.

Be delicate when collapsing in your gumballs as they can drain whenever blended in with a substantial hand which could influence the lovely and radiant blue shade of the frozen yogurt.

Go ahead and change the measure of air pocket gum seasoning to tweak this virus deal with simply the manner in which you like it!

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