Billie Eilish Is Launching Her First Fragrance

Billie Eilish is breaking into the BEAUTY business. The hotshot’s first scent, Eilish, is set to make a big appearance in November. “This is an aroma that I’ve been pursuing for quite a long time. This is my cherished smell on the planet,” she composes on Instagram. Vogue reports that the fragrance is about vanilla. Eilish, who has synesthesia, told Vogue she has consistently been attracted to golden shaded fragrances. (Synesthesia is the capacity to encounter one of your faculties through the other. For this situation, Eilish can in a real sense smell tones.) Her introduction scent, a gourmand, plays on that subject with the incorporation of vanilla, cocoa, musk, golden, and warm flavors. “It’s super comfortable to me and erotic,” Eilish tells “It makes me need to be nestled into Christmas.”

In addition, the aroma is vegetarian (like Eilish herself), savagery free, and made with clean fixings. Consider it the most blazing thing on any Gen Z Christmas list. Eilish by Billie Eilish will dispatch for $68 in November on

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