Best Body Spots For Tattoos

Deciding on a tattoo may be simple, but choosing the most suitable body part can become challenging. You don’t want to be splattered and let everyone go, ‘Wow! It’s a strange thing, and you don’t want to get something that won’t attract anyone’s attention. The following areas are great for tattoos:

Your wrist

Some small and subtle things may eventually become cute and eye-catching. This one is very popular with many women. This tattoo is something you want to see every day, as a motivational reminder, or just something to make you laugh. Small tats such as infinity rings or love hearts are usually popular among couples. If your relationship has no future, don’t tattoo your boyfriend’s name here. I don’t want to see my former name on my wrist for the rest of my life.

rib cage

This rib is very close to the body and quickly rises to one of the most popular body parts. Many female stars have some ink on their ribs. This is a versatile position suitable for tattoos of different sizes. If you want to get inspirational quotes, please get them here! Wear a low top to reveal your sexy tattoo, and you can be sure that it will attract attention.


If you wear it correctly, the small spines on your ankle can have such a big impact. When paired with a pair of sexy high heels, it looks close to perfection. Small and simple will undergo an epic transformation and become the focus of the party. When you choose this, make sure some people will forget your face, but remember the sexy ink you are swinging.

Pelvic area

 for some inks, this must be the sexiest body part. The tattoo on the bottom of the abdomen slightly above the bikini line represents sexy, confident, and provocative. It is a bit hidden and only a keen observer can enjoy their life. Most people agree that this is a very emotional area, and when a woman has a small but obvious tattoo here, men think this is an important turning point.

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